Social Media Marketing

Do you feel like a fly buzzing around the edges of the social web? Are you afraid you’ll get stuck in the social media web and neglect running your business? And maybe even get swallowed up by a competitor who’s figured out how to use social media to get your customers? You want to stay competitive. But where do you begin? There’s Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, blogs, Digg, Yelp – and lots more. But what actually will get you results? And what about the time and effort to learn and use them?

Do you suffer from social media confusion?

Do you suffer from social media confusion?

Let Triskele Consulting figure out what social media tools make the most sense for you and your business. We make recommendations based on an audit of your current web presence, your business, your market and your competitors. Then we work with you to select  the right blend of social media tools, strategies and tactics for your business. We will you set you up and train you and your employees to use the media. If you want, we’ll manage your social media for you.

Social media management can include any of the following:

  • monitoring comments, Tweets and direct messages,
  • clearing spam and
  • taking care of social media responses
  • tracking Fans, Tweets and other activity
  • providing a monthly report analyzing social media activity
  • making changes to increase activity, leads and sales conversions

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Get a head start on planning a social media strategy

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