Oh No! Not a Naked Fan Page Cover!

Has your Fan Page been caught naked without a Timeline cover?

If you haven’t gotten around to adding a cover image or are just now creating a Facebook Fan page, this video blog is for you.

So  let’s get started.

Your cover image is the window on your business. And, like every first impression, you want to dress up and look pulled together.  Fortunately Facebook has given businesses the space for a big show window, 851 pixels wide by 315 pixels high. So you want to make the most of this entire space.

Here are some pointers for creating a cover image that will put pizzazz into your Timeline.

You want a photo or image that can:

  • Make your business shine
  • Capture the essence of your business or highlight a product or products,
  • Show your fans how much you appreciate them, or how much you value your own team
  • Inspire your fans or
  • Show some personality and have fun
Missing Timeline Facebook cover image

Don’t be caught without a Facebook cover image.

And you don’t have to be a global brand spending big bucks on just the right photo, either. Plenty of small and local businesses have come up with some great cover images that reflect their products and personalities just as well as the big guys.

But before going further, I should also tell you what Facebook does not want you to do with your cover image.

No Selling

No Coupons or Discount Offers

No Calls to Action – Like my page, Sign Up for Free…

No Website Address – www.mybusiness.com in the picture.

In other words, nothing to make you look grasping and cheap!

To give you some inspiration for making your own cover, I’ve put together a selection of cover images from mostly small businesses and a few large brands that  do a great job of showcasing their business, thanking their fans, having fun and inspiring people to like and engage with them. Watch the video to see these fan page cover images.

I hope you found these cover images inspiring to help you create your own.

You may create cover image that works for a long time. But remember, you can change your images as often as you like. In fact, Facebook encourages change to keep your Timeline fresh. Besides, you may want to showcase a new product, promote an event, change your images to reflect the seasons or simply create another compelling message for your fans.

The one thing to keep in mind, though, is that your profile image sits on top of your cover photo or image. The profile has just been changed to the full 180 x 180 px, size so whatever your cover image is, be sure to keep that in mind.  I’ve already had to fix my cover image to accommodate the larger sized profile and my fan page just got launched a few weeks ago. What did I say about Facebook liking change? Anyway, we’ll be looking more closely at the profile image in our next video in our Quick Vid series on the Facebook Timeline for Businesses. So look for that video soon.

But for now you’ve got no excuse to get your business covered on Facebook and never go naked again.

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Marilyn Kay, CCP, is the founder of Triskele Consulting. She is an award-winning corporate communicator, with over 30 years of experience. She is also an accomplished web professional, who has launched and managed corporate internets and intranets since 1998. In 2010 she earned certification as a business and life coach. Her coaching skills enable her to really listen and help you better articulate needs and the measurable outcomes you wish to achieve.?

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